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A clever, innovative handwriting product... Convenient... It would make a great gift. - American Handwriting Analysis Foundation

Clearly written, simple to use and insightful without causing embarrassment, Handwriting Insights seems destined to be a great icebreaker or group diversion. - Cynthia Clark's review of Handwriting Insights for Publisher's Weekly

What does handwrting reveal? Compare a sample with analysis cards Handwriting Insights for fun insights into friends and family. - Bottom Line

Customers Love Handwriting Insights!

"When it arrived, my son and daughter and I went into the
kitchen and had a ball for three hours!"

- Kristen Bell, FL

"I use it with my students, both to help me better understand them,
and to help raise their self esteem"

- Ginger Smith, NJ

"Handwriting Insights is a big hit at my office. We analyze everyone's handwriting.
Even my boss is in on the fun."

- Peter Wu, CA
"I use Handwriting Insights when I get birthday cards, letters, postcards, everything.
I can't stop looking at how people write."

- Jeanna Trippini, LA

"We bought 20 for my sister's baby shower last month. The guests loved them.
We all sat around and laughed. It made the party a huge success!"

Anita Shair, DE

Handwriting Insights was a big success at the Holiday Gathering Judy and I had yesterday! Someone noticed your eyecatching box, and we had great fun analyzing each one's handwriting. - Diane Coleson, PA 

ATTRACTIVE CARDS FOR LEARNING THE BASICS - There is a Latin saying, "agere sequitur esse", "doing follows being". Handwriting is certainly an expression of our being with all its uniqueness. If you have seen a human figure drawn according to the functional areas of the brain, you'd be amazed at how big the hand is in proportion to the rest of the body. There are studies on the physiology of handwriting and the connections with the brain. Others proposed "brainwriting", changing your handwriting to change your personality. There are so many potential uses of handwriting analysis, not limited to entertainement. This set of 64 small, artistic, aqua-colored and handsomely produced cards, with a pad for recording according to 11 categories, gives an easy introduction to the basic essentials. Size represents personal presence, slant for emotional interactions, capitals for showmanship, pressure for intensity, baseline for disposition... They all make very good sense. I would gladly make this a gift for friends interested in personalities. - an review by George Zee

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ABSOLUTELYº£ø¸ø£ºMARVELOUSº£ø,.. What a lovely set of Handwriting Analysis Cards

Unique teen gift. Nice seller, Love this item.

My granddaughter loved the cards. Thanks for your help! Great!!!

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful...Any other products??!!!

love the the seller..great transaction. thanks. neice will love it.


Awesome handwriting kit,and fast shipping! Thanks!

this was even better than i thought A+ seller



New Age Retailer Magazine's Review-
Finally! A fun and easy way to begin analyzing handwriting is available in the Handwriting Insights kit. This kit is ingenious and makes it possible to analyze someone's handwriting for fun almost immediately. The kit includes a book that is actually a set of 6-by-2.5-inch cards bound together with a single button and a pad of analysis sheets.
The system is so easy to use that a person can begin analyzing handwriting five minutes after picking up the set. A few brief instructions at the front of the book explain that the pages contain samples of 11 handwriting traits and advise how to obtain a useful sample of handwriting. The handwriting pages fan out, allowing users to easily flip through the choices and select the qualities that match the handwriting they want to analyze. After the qualities have been selected, the new "expert" can read what the quality means by reading the reverse of the card or by marking boxes on the Individual Insights pad and reading the meaning printed on the pad. For a complete picture of the person, it is suggested that the process of comparison be done with all 11 traits for both a writing sample and for the signature. The writing sample shows more how the writer feels, and the signature shows how the writer behaves. This is fun. It would be great for a small group of people or a party.

I analyzed the handwriting of a friend, and the degree of accuracy was remarkable. I highly recommend this kit.- Karen Crane - New Age Retailer Magazine

Experience the thrill of analyzing handwriting! Entertain family and friends by showing them what their handwriting reveals.

Handwriting Insights is a high quality deck of 64 connected, illustrated cards that teaches you handwriting analysis as you use it. Analyze handwriting in 5 minutes. Results are worded constructively so people feel good about what you have to say.


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