A thorough Handwriting Analysis is not a simple game. It is a complex study of the arrangement, form and movement of writing blended with a sensible psychology of human behavior. This page presents concepts developed by Klara G. Roman Ph.D. in her book Handwriting, a Key to Personality. Below are forty different handwriting traits divided in to eight different personality characteristics.

1. Simplicity


legible printscript

• thinks in building block fashion, wishes to communicate clearly without revealing emotions, engineering type of mind

simple capitals

• preference for simple and dignified way of presenting ideas, a no frills approach to intellectual expression

initial lead strokes omitted t,w,I,l

• takes initiative and utilizes a streamlined approach to problem solving

final strokes omitted

• direct in thinking, practical, ungenerous

slurred letters

• a speedy processing of information, the mind may work faster than the motor skills can respond

2. UZ elaboration


elaborated or inflated loops

• imagination and open mindedness

t cross long, curved

• a protective sense for oneself and others, decisive, protective thinking through humor

I dots dashed, tent, curved

• impatience, a keen eye on the future, humor

unusual approach to capitals

• extra energy and dynamics placed on the public presentation of self

jump-up letters

• a need to add emphasis to ideas as a way of gaining attention and recognition, may over-compensate for insecurities

3. UZH



• self involved in their thinking, little desire to reach beyond their present state for new philosophies or ideas


• conservative, content with present situations without seeking higher goals


• practical, realistic, the balance of aspirations with conventional knowledge


• aspiring and ambitious, willing to reach for new ideas and ideals, proud and dignified


• eagerness for new ideas and philosophies, may forget practicality, unrealistic, illusionary

4. Originality


flourishes in capitals

• adds extra creativity and showmanship when expressing ideas

initials and finals more than copybook

• a generous flow of energy when expressing ideas, a penchant for dance or music

size and/or fullness extreme

• a great deal of ego display and a zest for life that influences the mode of thought

simplicity, printing

• clear mindedness, does not seek or require personal recognition, a self actualized sense of self

unusual letter forms

• a creative sense of self that enables unique and original expression of ideas

5. Expression


stylized writing or printing

• an individualistic approach to the expression of ideas

force in left to right movement

• ideas are expressed in a definite, forthright manner

rightward i-dot, t-cross, finals

• spontaneous enthusiasm when expressing ideas

rightward upslant

• an extroverted nature willing to share ideas

underscores, punctuation

extra zest and showmanship applied to the expression of thought and ideas

6. Rhythm


organization, free movement

• a poised and well-organized presentation of self

cadence in m, n, h

• a steady and firm emotional presence

balance upper zone with lower zone

• thoughts and actions are co-ordinated and balanced

shading consistent in upstroke/downstroke

• a balance between tension and relaxation, an inner body rhythm

7. Upper Zone Dynamics


clubbed t crosses to right

• a dynamic and aggressive expression of self determination

speed, I dots to the right

• a future-directed sense of self. Impatient and enthusiastic in self display

initials in capitals left to right

• dynamic expression of ideas with an authoritative flair

unusual upper zone connections

• ingenuity applied to ego display, new and unique methods for the presentation of the self

8. Capital I


height, width, more than the other capitals

• a strong presentation of the ego, self importance and confidence are emplasized.

elaborated or inflated

• pomp and self importance applied to the self image

pressure, shading

• emotional energy applied to the ego

simple, stick, Roman I

• independence from authoritative influences, and ability to stand alone.

9. Middle Zone Height



• reclusive, studious, introverted, a keen focus on precision and detail


• modest, unassuming, concentrative abilities


• conservative and conventional ego display, works well alone or with others


• extroverted, ego centered, enjoys activity, not given to concentrative efforts


• large ego, dramatic, active, demands attention, focused on immediate gratification

10. Capitals


size twice or more MZH

• showmanship and self confidence in ego display

elaborated - long beginning strokes, extra flourishes or in fullness of letter

• effusive and demonstrative, behavior that attracts attention

original, harmonious

• creativity, theatrical talent, a captivating manner

11. Garlands

Social Awareness * 11

within letters

• a warm and open nature, soft and non-threatening

between letters

• empathy, socially compliant, concern for personal feelings and the feelings of others

initials, finals

influenced by public opinion, needs to be socially accepted, a generous nature

upper zone and lower zone garlands

an open and receptive attitude, good sense of humor, strong material and social needs

12. Connectedness

Social Awareness - 12

six letters or more connected

• logical relationships to others, needs social contact

unusual connections between words, letters, punctuations

• a constant flow of ideas, overly familiar

capitals connected to the next letter

• no hesitation of thought or social participation, eager to join

t cross, I dot connected to next letter

• ingenuity, quick, logical thinking, spontaneous social response

13. Right Trend

Social Awareness - 13

margins drift rightward

• enthusiasm for activities, possible difficulty in conserving resources

rightward upslant 60 degrees or less

• spontaneous emotional expression, sympathetic nature

t cross, I dots to right

• social enthusiasm, eagerness to complete tasks, may overlook details

rightward initials and finals

• a willingness to join in activities

wide word space, letter space

• a need for personal freedom and space, a free-floating spirit

14. Flexibility

Social Awareness - 14

continuity (?in air strokes)

• stable emotional expression, dependable and reliable in one's responses


• a desire to communicate clarity of thought and action


• diplomacy, the ability to say the right thing at the right moment

unusual connections, figure 8 g

• fluidity of thought and actions, cultured tastes, aesthetic values

15. Thread

Social Awareness - 15

feathered finals, t cross

• exasivelness due to speed of thought, critical of other's behavior or ideas

decreasing letter size

• diplomacy, a careful selection of words

sinuous strokes

• a twisting of words or verbal side-stepping in rder to avoid confrontation or direct communication

letter forms break down

• evasiveness, deception, anti-social behavior

16. Speed

Drives * 16

spontaneous, natural free movement with average MZH

• automatic emotional reaction, spontaneous

dominant right slant. I dots and t crosses to the right of stem. Margins deift right

• future directed, enthusastic and outgoing

ascending lines and light pressure

• optimism, does not linger on emotional set-backs, skims the surface and lets things pass

simplified garland and/or thread form

letter forms which "break down" due to speed. Softening of normally angled strokes.

17. Horizontal Expansion

Drives - 17

tight HE

• uptight emotions, frugality, unwillingness to socialize, uncomfortable in social situations

Average HE

• socially adaptable, uses bothe restraint and enthusiasm in social situations

wide HE

• a strong need for emotional elbow room, free-floating, needs social distance and space, independence, isolation

18. Fluctuation

Drives - 18

slant variations

• pulled in too many directions at once, emotionally indecisive

uneven baseline

• unpredictable and unreliable in emotional responses

variations in spacing

• a lack of timing and consistency, thoughts and actions are out of balance

variations in lines, words, letters

• disorganized, unpredictable, unreliable

variation in pressure

• energies released in bursts or not at all, physical inconsistencies, prone to chemical imbalances

19. Left Margin

Drives - 19


• a clinging to the past, dependent, apprehensive about the future


• a conservative and conventional attitude toward past experiences, a moderate need for security and nurturing


• eagerness for the future, a denial and/or detachment from the past

20. Right Slant

Drives - 20

50 • 40

• emotionally dependent, over-reacts to small incidents in day to day living, prone to hysteria


• emotionally outgoing, sensitive and sympathetic to the needs of others, automatically expresses inner feelings.

70 • 80

• compliant, maintains emotional independence, reserved in the expression of true feelings


• self reliant, controlled emotions, reserved, thinks with the head and not with the heart

21. Pressure

Vitality * 21


• intense emotional energy, healthy and vigorous, not one to forgive and forget

downstroke pressure - the most common- may create shading

• stubborn determination, resolute

displaced left to right pressure - t crosses, I dots, horizontal connectives and heavy finals may appear imbalanced because of extra pressure on the horizontal plane

• energies are sporatically released, possible problems with emotional or physical health

22. Pastiosity

Vitality - 22

flooded ovals, loops

• sensuality, possible vulgarity

thick finals, blubs

• agressiveness, possible brutality

blurred fuzzy strokes

• sensual/sexual, warm, sensitive, possible tentency toward overindulgence in food, drink or sexual activity

blobs of ink

• indication of possible physical/emotional blockages or problems

heavy crossouts, patches, corrections

• the sensual nature overrules practical morals and conventional behavior, possible emotional complexes or dishonesty

23. Lower Zone Length

Vitality - 23


• a controlled and possibly sedentary lifestyle, modest material and physical needs


• normal use of physical energy, material and physical needs are gratified in a conventional way


• materialistic, physically active, strong physical energy applied to achieving goals

extremely long

• demanding, forceful and highly energetic, nervous energy

24. Lower Zone Elaboration

Vitality - 24

curlicues, horizontal and vertical expansion

• fancifulness, fluffing, fantasy, possible kinkiness

extra length

• material & physical aspects of life hold greatest importance, a strong demand for gratification

capitals or initials fall below baseline

• a need to emphasize material and physical fulfillment beyond the every day realm

middle zone letters droop below baseline

• a subconscious drain of energies from day-to-day activities, possible fatigue or depression

25. Fullness

Vitality - 25

inflated UZ and LZ loops

• a desire to live life to the fullest, a zest for life, a spontaneous flow of energies, openness

round ovals in MZ

• open, communicative, egocentric

ballooned capitals

• self involvement, showmanship, a need for attention

inflated capital I

• inflated ego, self centered and self indulgent

26. Copybook Conformity (CBC)

Defenses * 26

high conformity

• a conservative conventional nature, follows directions well, needs a status quo

medium conformity

• can adapt to group expectations, but will question situations when necessary

low conformity

non-conforming, freedom-loving personality, original, possibly eccentric

to measure, consider the deviation from CB in MZH, LZH, UZH, letter forms, downslants, beginning and ending strokes, PPI, capitals, punctuation, and Pressure(ave score btwn 7 & 3)

27. Arcades

Defenses - 27

within letters

• a protective guarding of inner feelings

between letters as a connective

• creativity, self protection

initials and finals

• defensiveness, self protection, a guard-up attitude

upper zone and lower zone forms

• intellectual and subconscious creativity, a defense against criticism that emables unique processing of ideas and ultimate creative expression

slurred letters, s, r, in middle zone

• a less aggressive, content within the self, avoids confrontation

28. Retracings

Defenses - 28

normal CB retracings, expecially d, t, m, & n

• reserved, morally observant

UZ & LZ loops retraced

• narrow mindedness, uptight social morals, skeptical

cover strokes

• hidden feelings, repressions

unusual retracings, narrow tight writing

• highly repressed, negative, uptight, suspicious, anxious, tense

29. Hooks

Defenses - 29

on initial words and letters

• acquisitiveness, avariousness, tied to the past by unresolved feelings

finals on words and letters

• tenacity, stubborn clinging, resolve

within letters, ovals

• aggressively defensive, verbally attacking or cynical


• stubborn and persistence

30. Angles

Defenses - 30

between letters

• analytical, impatient, intolerant

within letters

• quick, sharp mind, investigative

UZ & LZ forms

• aggressive, argumentative, unyielding, authoritarian

unusual t cross form, I dot

• indominable, does not like intrusion, critical, argumentative

along the baseline

• probing, likes to dig for facts, skeptical, and change mental direction quickly

31. Right Margin

Inhibitions * 31


• oriented toward the future, extroverted, socially outgoing, eager, possible lack of good tast and sense of timing


• prudent, socially interactive while maintaining control and dignity, balance between caution and spontaneity


• sociall reluctant, apprehensive of the future, cautious, fearful, dependent on past or parental support

32. Left Slant

Inhibitions - 32

50 • 40

• defiant and resistent, withdrawal from social situations, fear of revealing inner feelings


• withdrawn, inhibited, resentment of or competition with authority figures, unwilling to share inner feelings

70 • 80

• contemplative, cautious, a good listener, introspective, shy, reserved


• self reliant, controlled emotions, reserved, thinks with the head and not with the heart

33. Left Trend

Inhibitions - 33

narrow or drifting left margin

• a clinging to the past and need for security, initial desire for social interaction, but fear and caution result in retreat, initial extravagance followed bu frugality due to insecurities

lower zone and finals to left

• self involvement, selfish, clannish, fearfully defensive

capital I slanted to left

• may be outgoing yet protective of personal ego, secretive about the true self

tied f, p, s, t, to left

• persistence, takes precautions to protect own interests, protective of self and close family

counter strokes to left

• self protective and self involved, personal needs come first

34. Tension

Inhibitions - 34

narrow MZ ovals, exp. a & o

• tense, uptight about revealing true feelings, skeptical, non-communicative, secretive

tight f, p, s, t ties

• persistent in achieving the most for the self, unyielding, adamant, difficult to dissuade

crowded letters, words

• uptight, frugal, inhibited, anxious, fearful, nervous, opinions are usually negative and suspicious

squeezed end of line

• uses all possible resources, does not plan ahead, lack of timing

above average angularity (score >6)

• nanlytical/critical, impatient, uptight, sarcastic, easily irritated

35. Rigidity

Inhibitions - 35

Braced wedges & arches with similar length strokes on each side

• adamant, inflexible, steadfast, and unmoving

stiff initial strokes

• unresolved resentments, either conscious or subconscious, long preparation before acting

inflexible, predominantly verticle writing that has a brittle appearance

• steadfast, unbennding, rigorous, needs to be in control


• difficult to reason with, must be right, clings to own ideas and may be argumentative

36. Sharpness

Control * 36

consistent, clear strokes

• highly discriminating, strong likes and dislikes, opinionated

downstrokes heavy and sharp

• stubborn about opinions, determined, resolute

fuzzy or blurred strokes

• tolerant and willing to bend where critical judgement is concerned, may be indiscriminate

37. Word Space

Control - 37

consistent spacing

• clear thinking, organized, maintain a consistent social distance, good at rationalizing

similar width to middle zone height

• balance and consistency, sees things in proper perspective

extra wide

• need for social distance and personal time alone, cautious about social interactions, aloof, isolated, hermit-like

extra narrow

• overly familiar, may lack timing and good taste in contacts with others

38. Alignment

Control - 38

straight baseline

• good emotional control, may be overcontrolled, well-directed, rigid, meticulous

consistent line spacing

• purposeful, dependable, good perspective.

no conflict UZ vs. LZ

• clear thinking, avoids confusion, thinking and actions are in balance

consistent left margin alignment

• orderly, consistent, balanced, good judge of resources and timing

39. Consistency

Control - 39

consistent slant

• consistent emotional display, no ambivalence, emotionally reliable

Equal pressure in all 3 zones

• energies released in a consistent manner, well paced, reliable behavior

consistent spacing of letters, words & lines

• organized, well directed, consistent, dependable

repetition of any idiosyncracies the writer may employ - note I dots, t crosses, letter forms, any unusual formations

• well-developed personal ego, unique and reliable character traits

40. Organization

Control - 40

balanced margins

• clear planning and thinking, not easily disturbed by past or future influences

right & left margins even

• sets clear boundaries, able to see the total picture

balanced UZ vs. LZ

• puts as much thought as action into achieving goals, balanced energies

consistent spacing in letters, words, lines

• well organized, dependable, can plan ahead and carry through with actions, clear thinking and coherent, ample coping skills


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