Just For Fun

The number one way that people use Handwriting Insights is they bring it home, ask their family to gather a bunch of writing samples (cards, notes for teachers, etc.) and then they all sit around the kitchen table going through them with lots of LAUGHTER!

You can also:

1. Give it as a present for anyone who looks at handwriting regularly - autograph collectors, teachers, postal employee, genealogists.

2. Use it at get-togethers with family and friends - it is a natural conversation starter. Because Handwriting Insights is descriptive and not judgmental, people open up about themselves and there are no hurt feelings.

3. Have it as a activity at birthday parties, sleepovers, bridal showers.

4. Some people take it to work and discuss their bosses' handwriting around the water cooler. I do not recommend this - what if your boss overhears?

5. You can produce a personality profile of family and friends, and youself.

To Get People Talking

My 79 year old father invited a neighbor over and analyzed her handwriting with Handwriting Insights. They discussed the results for two hours! My father commented to me that he sure learned a lot about his neighbor, they had a wonderful evening, and it beat watching TV!

Most people love talking about themselves. You simply need to ask for a writing sample, side out the cards that match it, and then hand them to the person. Typically this gets them talking about what they do and do not agree with.

This will work well at any festive occasion where people get together. I received a lovely e-mail from a teenager who went around at Thanksgiving and analyzed the handwriting of each family member, and talked to them about it. She said she learned a lot about her relatives that day! In another e-mail I received, Handwriting Insights was given to a family member who was in a wheelchair and normally stays to himself. This day, everyone came over to him to have their handwriting analyzed. What a creative way to get people interacting!

Understand People Better

Handwriting analysis is a great way to understand people better. It is a very practical skill to have. Here are some examples:

1. You get a note from your child's teacher - the handwriting easily reveals whether the person is rigid or flexible, kind or caustic. These are good things to know in formulating your response.

2. You are giving a presentation to a new manager. You have a letter that went out with their signature on it. You can determine the best way to approach your topic.

3. Have any writing samples from your family tree? With handwriting analysis you can learn something about the personalities of your ancestors.

Understand Yourself Better

I saved the best for last. Handwriting Analysis helps you understand and appreciate yourself. It is another view of who you are and how you express yourself. You can easily create your personality profile.

HI promo shot

Handwriting Insights is a high quality deck of 64 connected, illustrated cards that teaches you handwriting analysis as you use it. You'll have your first analysis 15 minutes after you open the package. After the first time, analyzing a hand writing sample just takes 5 minutes.

Developed by a mediator and an award winning professional graphologist, it produces an analysis that is accurate, but is worded constructively so that there are not hurt feelings.

We call it "Entertainment that's Insightful."

This is simply the easiest way to generate a basic handwriting analysis!

Handwriting Insights is handwriting analysis with the work removed, and the fun left in. You can order your kit now by clicking here.