Comparison of Different Methods to Learn and

Do Handwriting Analysis

Are you interested in handwriting analysis and want to go further? There are lots of options available to you: free on-line analysis, correspondence courses, good books, hiring a professional graphologist. You can spend anywhere from nothing at all to quite a bit, both in time and in money.

Let's look at this from from four different perspectives:

1. How much money are you willing to spend? Books and kits run under $20.00, courses can go up to $1000.00 each, professional graphologists charge anywhere from $50.00 to $200.00 and more for a single analysis.

Do you see this as a money making venture? If you see this as a money making venture, here is my two cents on that. There are definitely some people out there who are earning good money doing handwriting analyses. But I get the impression by looking at many websites of certified graphologist, by talking with certified graphologists, and by looking at EBAY offerings to analyze handwriting, that getting customers is not an easy task. It is just something to think about before you plunk down your money. Do a search on translation jobs and thousands of jobs come up on Google. Do a search on Handwriting Analysis jobs and you will get zilch.

Several people who have taken these expensive handwriting certification courses have contacted me asking if I could help them to get customers as they are having trouble attracting business.

2. How much time do you want to spend? To become a professional graphologist takes years of study and can run thousands of dollars. And after you are certified it requires you to continue your studies and use your skills regularly so that they don't become stale. Calling a professional graphologist for a personality profile report whenever you need one takes very little time. Books take time to read, plus you need to use what you have learned to retain it. Handwriting Insights 5 Minute Handwriting Analysis Kit takes 15 minutes to learn, and from then on 5 minutes to create a personality profile. Obviously I am biased since I developed Handwriting Insights, but you might want to try it first and then improve your skills with a few good books on analyzing handwriting.

3. Do you want to acquire a new skill? Handwriting Analysis is a wonderful skill to possess. There will be lots of instances where you see someone's writing and having this skill will let you analyze it on the spot! Having the skill means that you directly look at the writing and using your memory (and maybe with the help of a tool like Handwriting Insights and/or a good book on handwriting analysis, or your notes) you can create a personality profile. It means that your eyes and your brain are producing the results, as opposed to a computer program or a professional graphologist.

4. How important is it that the result be thorough and accurate? If you are mainly interested in analyzing handwriting so that you can create a personality profile at parties, or use it as conversation starters, or use it as an icebreaker game, then it is fine to just look at, for example, the 11 basic handwriting indicators in Handwriting Insights. If you will be doing this as a professional, then obviously your results must be accurate if you wish to have a viable business. And when you use a professional graphologist you expect their result to be comprehensive.

Let's look at some combinations of the four items above.

1. Sometime nothing but a professional will do, because there is no room for error and you want someone who is very experienced in analyzing handwriting, and you need the analysis NOW.

Hire an experienced, certified Handwriting Analyst - It is amazing what a really good handwriting analyst can see in handwriting. Paula Sassi (, a certified graphologist who is technical consultant to Handwriting Insights, looks at dozens of writing samples a day. Her home is filled with graphology books, manuscript books, and interesting antique writing samples - from autograph books to old hotel registers. She regularly gives talks on handwriting, and is a consultant to many companies. When you have a writing sample that you want analyzed where there is no room for error, then it is best to have a professional like Paula analyze it. Let's say for example that you are to be married, and you and your fiancé are having some problems and you want some in-depth understand of your fiance' personality. A professional graphologist can provide that! Pros: The quality of the analysis is much higher when you get it from an experienced professional. This will give you more information and more confidence in the accuracy. Cons: This is costly ($75 or more for an analysis), so for most people this will be done rarely.

2. You'd like to learn the basics; it would be fun at parties and useful in understanding people better and create a personality profile, but if you make a mistake it's no big deal. You do not want to invest a lot of time or money. You do not want to spend a lot of time retaining this knowledge (i.e. a tool that keeps the information at your fingertips would be good). You would like not to depend on the computer to generate a report.

Handwriting Insights Kit - Handwriting Insights is a high quality deck of 64 connected, illustrated cards that teaches you handwriting analysis as you use it. You'll have your first analysis 15 minutes after you open the package. After the first time, analyzing a hand writing sample just takes 5 minutes. It is designed to provide feedback that is descriptive, not judgmental. It is the easiest way to produce a basic handwriting analysis. Pros: low cost ($10.95), low one-time investment, little to remember, no hurt feeling with analysis results, fast, the more often you use it the more you will remember what the different traits mean, thereby training your eyes to analyze handwriting without the deck. A written report personality profile is easily generated using the Individual Insights pad that comes in the kit. You can hand the deck with the selected cards to the person whose writing you are analyzing and they can read the meaning themselves, thereby not having to take your word for what the writing traits mean. Easy to use when you only do occasional handwriting analyses. Cons: only provides a basic analysis, there are many hand writing traits that are not included. Supplementing Handwriting Insights will a good book like Ruiz's Basic Handwriting Analysis is a good idea when you want more detail.

Handwriting Analysis Books - There are several of good books to select from to learn handwriting analysis. They have lots of examples, and after reading them and learning the material, you will be able to do a handwriting analysis. Pros: Books are not expensive, lots of examples, lots of details and writing traits to look at. Cons: You need to read a book and remember what it is teaching you. If you only analyze handwritings periodically, it is easy to forgot. There is not easy way to generate a written report. When you talk to people about what their handwriting means, it is easy for them not to believe you because you are just saying it (as opposed to showing them, for example, the cards in Handwriting Insights). Some books are lot better than others. Many are overwhelming in their complexity.

3) You want to become a professional graphologist.

Take a Handwriting Analysis Course - Typically handwriting analysis courses from professional organizations are well written, present lots of useful information and examples, and interacting one on one with the instructor who was a certified handwriting analyst is valuable. Pros: Provides more structure than books, you get to interact with an instructor, provides an opportunity for working towards certification as a handwriting analyst. Cons: If you are not interested in certification and baring money doing handwriting analysis, then this could be overkill. Courses can cost lots of money, and take time. Once you acquire the knowledge, you need to keep using it or you will forget it.

3) You don't want to learn handwriting analysis at all - you just want some personality profiles from some writing samples and autographs that you have. These reports do not have to be in-depth.

Free On-line Handwriting Analysis - There are lots of on-line sites where you can get a free, computer generated handwriting analysis. You look at your writing sample, and then answer questions about it. After you are done a report comes up on the screen, or a report is emailed to you. Pros: It's free, you don't need to learn or remember anything. Cons: You don't acquire any skills yourself, so that when you see a writing sample you cannot make an immediate analysis - you need either a copy of it (which is not usually available) or to remember what the writing looks like and then go on-line later and generate an analysis. In other words, you are tied to a computer for your analyses. Some of the reports could have traits described using negative terms that can result in hurt feelings.

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Handwriting Insights is a high quality deck of 64 connected, illustrated cards that teaches you handwriting analysis as you use it. You'll have your first analysis 15 minutes after you open the package. After the first time, analyzing a hand writing sample just takes 5 minutes.

Developed by a mediator and an award winning professional graphologist, it produces an analysis that is accurate, but is worded constructively so that there are not hurt feelings.

We call it "Entertainment that's Insightful."

This is simply the easiest way to generate a basic handwriting analysis!

Handwriting Insights is handwriting analysis with the work removed, and the fun left in.

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