About the Authors

Melinda Schnell Kohn
I developed Handwriting Insights so that anyone could understand people better by looking at their handwriting without having to read a book or take a course.

I started my career as a software developer, and then after 20 years went into mediation. Analyzing handwriting was a fun hobby of mine, and I found it helpful in mediations to give me some additional insight into my clients. Several of my friends wanted me to teach them how to do a basic personality profile by looking at handwriting, and and the results of that effort is Handwriting Insights.

Since then Handwriting Insights has been sold online, in catalogues, and on TV (QVC - and let me tell you, live TV is stressful).

Paula Sassi, C.G.
DON'T confuse what you have learned here with a professional skill level in handwriting analysis. That takes years of study and lots of experience.

Paula Sassi is a professional graphologist and the president of her own business, Handwriting Consultants International, since 1980. She is the past president of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, and has received their Michon-Flandrin Award for Distinguished Excellence.

Paula serves a diverse group of clients in personnel selection, behavioral profiling, and compatibility analysis. She also is an entertaining and informative speaker; she is located in San Diego and has traveled around the country giving presentations. Visit her website at
www.handwritingconsultants.com or e-mail her at hci@hotmail.com.

John Thies
John is a talented illustrator/designer. He created all of the artwork in the Handwriting Insights slide deck. John has started his own design business and you can contact him at jthies@endeffectsdesign.com