Handwriting Insights is the Easiest, Fastest, and Most Fun Way Do a Basic Handwriting Analysis!

The Handwriting Insights Kit consists of a deck of handwriting analysis cards, pad of paper for logging results, and an attractive box.

The deck consists of 64 high quality cards, connected by a rivet in one corner, which explain eleven different handwriting traits. Each trait has three to ten variations. On the front of each card is an example of that particular variation, and a description of what to look for in the writing. On the back of the card is an explanation of what that particular writing trait means. The Handwriting Insights deck measures 6" X 2 1/2" X 1/2" and easily fits into your pocket.

Producing an analysis is a simple as going through the deck, seeing which of the variations most matches the writing for each of the eleven traits, and sliding the matching card to the side. You wind up with eleven cards, and when you turn the deck over, there is the analysis. If you want a record of the analysis, you simply check of the appropriate boxes on the pad that comes with your kit. And there you have it: a personality profile.

Here is what customers have said about Handwriting Insights
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Handwriting Insights - the 5 minute handwriting analysis kit - was featured in an upscale catalog a few years back selling for $19.95. It was also featured on QVC. Both places are known for high quality, interesting products!

It is "Entertainment that's Insightful" and intended for amusement only for ages 12 and older.

This is a great gift for yourself or someone else. You will find yourself using it again and again.

It is MUCH easier doing an analysis with the Handwriting Insights deck. It is the FUN of handwriting analysis with the WORK removed.

The number one use of Handwriting Insights is for you to entertain your family and friends with analysis of amazing accuracy. Additionally, Handwriting Insights is perfect for counselors as an icebreaker with a new client. Parents will find it a great tool to get their teen talking about themselves. Genealogists appreciate how it reveals the personality of their ancestors. It is fantastic as icebreakers. It is super as conversation starters. It particularly makes a great female icebreaker. Instead of doing another personality test or quiz, consider analyzing handwriting to create a personality profile. Another great use is it helps you to better understand your managers and coworkers at work. And of course it will help you in better understanding yourself.

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