Eldene Whiting wrote a fantastic book called Traitsmatch that helps people understand their "Occupational Personality" through handwriting analysis. Take a few minutes and give it a try to see what your writing tells you about the kinds of jobs that would be a perfect match for you! Here, with Eldene's permission, is an excerpt from her book .

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5. Can I achieve my ambitions....

Check diagonals, t-bars and pressure.


"Ambition" Diagonals, High t-bars, strong pressure
Diagonals indicate the drive and direction you want togo. High
t bars show the ambitious ideas you will add. The strong pressure
indicates how much vital energy you are willing to use.

6. ....or am I only fooling myself?

Check your ovals.

"Self deception" left looped ovals
Ovals reflect your thinking clarity. Looping on the left means
you may be kidding yourself.

7. What's the use of fooling around? It's straight to the top for

Traitmatch your Leaderscript.


"Leadership" Large caps, strong pressure, harmonious
Large capitals show yourconfidence in yourself. Strong pres-
sure enhances the energy and vitality. Harmonious picture indi-
cates your ability to balance thinking and action.

8. What about my money skills?

Examine your numbers, spacing, margins, i-dots and t-bars.


"Money skills" Good number picture
Clearnumbersand a"checkee'two(2) show moneyawareness.
Spacing of margins and lines indicate your sense of the right way
todothings. Precise placement of i dots and t bars show accuracy.

9. How's my mechanical ability?

Check for use of printing; size and legibility of writing.

"Mechanical" Printing, size, legibility
Printing shows a mechanical mind more concerned with "things"
than with people. Large MZH means you prefer large pieces of
machinery like computers or bulldozers. Small MZH indicates
interest in small things like watches, parts of machines. Legibility
reveals your willingness to do a good job which assures you of

10. Am I quick to act or cautious about my decisions?

Traitmatch for speed, pressure, beginning strokes, and length of

"Impulsive" Speed, t cross
Speed is sometimes hard to detect in writing; i dots and t bars
that fall to the right of the stem show quick thinking and acting.
If the t bar is also long and tapered, the speed is greater.

"Cautious" Beginning strokes, short t cross
Long beginning strokes indicate caution. If there isalsoa little
glob of ink at the beginning, this hesitation is usually caused by
fear. Short t crosses also help to "pull back" from impulsive be-

11. I've analyzed my handwriting, but still have difficulty
believing what I found, even though my best friends agree.

Check for brace-like t's and d's and heavy pressure.


"Stubbornness" Braced strokes, heavy pressure, blunt

Braced strokes in t's and d's are a sure sign of stubbornness.
Pressure adds force. Blunt endings to letters on words reflect a
blunt tongue as well.


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