Handwriting Insights as a Diversity Training Activity

The basic premise of handwriting analysis is that a person's personality is revealed in their handwriting.

The basic premise of Handwriting Insights is that in a few moments and with no training you can use handwriting analysis to create a basic personality profile that is positive, non-judgmental, and insightful without causing embarrassment.

When you look at a person's handwriting to better understand their personality, here is what you are NOT looking at - what you hopefully are looking past: the person's age, education, weight, height, gender, social status, attractiveness, sexual orientation, physical disability*.

People love learning about themselves in a non-threatening way. Handwriting Insights is a fast, easy, fun way to create a personality profile and get people talking about whom they are. Whether they agree or disagree, there is bound to be lots of discussion and some revelations about how they see themselves.

If you are interested in using Handwriting Insights as a Diversity Training Activity I would like to suggest the following:
1- take the
Free Course and look at the Course Examples
2- read
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3- read
Handwriting Analysis Terms
4- then
Contact Me and with the number of decks that you would like and I will provide special bulk pricing

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* Some physical disabilities like blindness would obviously affect the writing while others, like being in a wheel chair, might not be reflected.

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