Are you wondering if you can learn something by looking at someone's handwriting?

Lets take a look at a couple of writing samples from an old autograph book dating from the 1860's. It belonged to Lawrence, who was attending Bloomfield Academy.

The following entry was written by Bessie, a classmate of Laurence. It is reflective of the more elaborate formal writing of the time.


The last page of the book is autographed by Laurence's wife, Ann.


Does looking at Ann's handwriting raise questions in you mind? What is it about her handwriting that you notice? What picture of Ann is coming into your mind?

Let's see if we can agree on some things.

1. In 1868 Ann was probably either very young or had very little education
2. Bessie was probably older and had some formal education, as did Lawrence
3. You already do pay some attention to handwriting.

Even after people are departed from this world, their handwriting -
their movement on paper - tells us about them.

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